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Digital Product Designer


I am a product designer based in Utah, creating

impactful, intentional, and compassionate

user experiences. I work with brands whose vision is to empower their customers with products & tools that improve their lives.

Work Sneak Peek


Here is a brief visual overview of some of the work I am most proud of.

We can dive deeper later, but I'd love you to get to know me first, then my work.

As a kid, I loved to create art.

As an adult, I hate using sh*tty products.

So, I became a product designer.

After discovering UX/UI in 2016, I moved to Berlin, Germany to begin my degree in Interaction Design at CODE University, then I earned a certification from CareerFoundry, and eventually ended up completing my degree in Web Design & Development - Emphasis in Interaction & Design from Utah Valley University. 

My layers of education from a variety of design institutions and many jobs in the industry that span across the globe, have helped me to develop a unique and well-rounded approach to the UX Design Process.

UX is in everything and that is why it is my passion. These principles apply to all facets of life, and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to create ease and intuitive experiences in people's lives. 

I may be a professional Product Designer, but I'm also a professional: 

Home Chef

Dog Mom

Gym Rat

Shower Singer


Salty Snacker


Currently on Repeat

Currently reading

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Currently watching

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[Michelle] has made a world of difference on the web team and at Mixhers. Literally from the first week trying to find ways to ease design load off of developers, she has been helping reduce ambiguity in tasks, streamlining communication, and has come up with awesome designs. She is very down to earth and is so great at pushing for the right thing and supporting people in rough spots. She has done great at handling everything and always keeps a conversation going even when the problems feel impossible.

Josh Bosley, Developer at Mixhers

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